Auto Repairs


Brake Repairs

Maintaining the brakes on your car is paramount not only towards the welfare of your vehicle but also to the safety of you and your passengers. That’s why we take great pride in using the finest quality component parts to provide the best brake job possible. All our brake services are compliant with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to ensure the most reliable brake performance for your car. This means we won’t cut corners on your brake repair job.

Exhaust Repairs

You may think a noisy muffler means nothing but it actually means a lot. Your exhaust system carries exhaust gases from your engine to your muffler helping your car run efficient, cleaner, and more importantly quieter. A properly working muffler reduces harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere making your car eco-friendly. This system is about giving you better gas mileage, and to those around you, cleaner air to breathe. We also offer custom jobs for exhaust systems.

Emission Repairs

Did your car just fail the emissions test? Don’t worry we can help. We will perform the diagnostic tests to see why your car is failing while also making any repairs necessary to correct the problem. Our main goal here is to make sure your vehicle not only passes the test but also that no further damage is done to it. Driving unknowingly with faulty emissions can harm your car resulting in more expensive repairs. If you are unsure feel free to come on down and we will check your vehicle.

Electrical Repairs

With today’s cars there are tons of electrical components such as led odometers, park assist computer screens, etc. which require much more complex repairs. Most mechanics have not kept up with this growing trend but at Zex Toronto we have invested in the latest technology to meet this growing demand. We provide repairs for power steering, headlights, interior lights, windshield wipers, defrosters, and other electrical equipment.

Fuel System Repairs

When your car won’t start usually your battery is the culprit. But on a rare occasion it could be another instrument such as a damaged fuel pump. You need fuel to power your engine otherwise you’re not going anywhere. We can diagnose any fuel system issues such as a damaged pump, tank issues, clogged filters, or malfunctioning injectors just to name a few.

Fleet Maintenances

At Zex Toronto we understand the quick turnaround time necessary if you own a fleet of vehicles for your company. Everyday your vehicle isn’t performing on the road thousands of dollars are lost. We provide the latest diagnostic testing and repairs for your automobiles to make sure it’s back on the road working for you again.

Suspension Repairs

Great suspension on your vehicle not only ensures a smooth ride but it also contributes to your cars road handling and braking for good active safety. You can tell your suspension may need repairs if you notice your vehicle behaving in the following fashion:

  • The ride feels rough
  • Drifts or pulls on turns
  • There is a dip when you stop
  • Shocks or struts are oily

If you see any of these signs you should bring it to the shop right away to prevent any further damage to your vehicle.

Rack & Pinion Steering

To the uninitiated a rack is a bar attached to your tire rod. Guiding the rack is a pinion, a small gear attached to your steering shaft. And guess what that’s attached to? That’s right! Your steering wheel. If it feels loose or you notice your car leaning to one side, then it’s time to get your rack and pinion fixed.